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Web 2.0 in ChinaThree days ago I have e-mailed over 20 companies and experts on my subject and slowly but steadily the responses are dropping in my mailbox. Through some intense Google and blogosphere investigation sessions I have determined some of the most prominent and relevant Chinese Web companies. The determination was loosely based on the following criteria:

  • Has the company expressed any interests in expanding overseas in the past?
  • Is the company located in Shenzhen, Shanghai or Beijing?
  • Is there an English speaking person that I could interview on international ambitions?

Furthermore I have made use of the insightful Web Trend Map 2008 made by Informationarchitects. On the trend map, that is based on the Tokyo-area train map, I focussed on the so called ‘Parallel Universe’ and the ‘Chinese Line’. The list of Chinese Web companies I am planning on interviewing during my time in China currently consists of:

Tencent – China’s largest and most used Internet service portal
Giant Interactive – China’s leading online game developers and operators
Sina – Leading online media company
Sohu – One of China’s biggest online brands
Tudou – Largest video sharing website in China
Netease – One of China’s leading Internet and online game services providers

Besides Chinese Web companies I have also determined and e-mailed several research companies, foreign companies in China and other experts on my subject that I will hopefully be able to interview during my stay in China. These are the companies I have contacted besides the Chinese Web companies:

Plus8star – Mobile and Internet business consulting in China, Japan and South Korea
Spillgroup – Dutch company worlds largest game destination, owns game portals in China
Springtime – Swedish PR and Communications experts, office in in China
DLA Piper – Worldwide operating legal advise company, has an office in China

I am planning on travelling to China for one month on the 13th of April this year and I will leave from Beijing on the 14th of May. I will travel from Hong Kong to Shenzhen to Shanghai and I will fly back home from Beijing. More on my schedule will follow!


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