Proceedings update!

Now that I have succesfully started up my correspondence with numerous Chinese companies that I will interview in April and May, I have put some time in catching up with my readings. Furthermore I am currently organizing all the literature I have read up till now and also I am working on a general structure for my thesis.

I have made an appointment coming wednesday to discuss the structure of my research with my Thesis coordinator Geert Lovink. Geert is a very involved and motivating coordinator; the few times that I have discussed my proceedings with him he was very supportive and he seems to know a lot about my subject.

This first version of my structure will help me plan what when to write and read. I will keep track of the suggestions that Geert will give me after I have discussed it with him on this blog. This is what the structure of my research currently looks like and what chapters/subjects it will likely consist of:

Concerning my correspondance with the companies I want to interview during my stay in China: I do not have a good contact at Baidu yet, they did not reply, so if anybody knows someone that I could interview on my thesis subject please let me know! Also Giant Interactive has not responded yet, so contact person needed!


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One Response to “Proceedings update!”

  1. keimyhere Says:

    big company always think that they are great and dont take it too serious about a “nobody” said,but keep trying and you will make it…

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