Silicon Dragon

Silicon Dragon coverLast night I was browsing through some older posts of the excellent China Web 2.0 Review blog where I was looking for relevant (old) news on the companies I am following for my research. To my pleasant surprise I found a very interesting book closely related to my Thesis subject.

‘Silicon Dragon’: Why China might dominate the tech world, a book by Rebecca Fannin, international editor of the Hong Kong weekly Asian Venture Capital Journal, is about the upcoming event that China will gradually emerge as the world’s center of innovation, surpassing Silicon Valley for venture capital and new technology. Rebecca has traveled through China to interview entrepreneurs and investors of relevant Chinese startups while constantly asking herself: is this a copier or innovator? In Silicon Dragon 12 Chinese companies are thoroughly described, including Baidu, Alibaba, Dangdang, Oak Pacific, Lingtu, Maxthon, Pingco and others. 

Even though the scope used in the book is much broader than my research – that will be focused on Chinese Internet companies instead of all kinds innovative companies – I think the work that Rebecca has done on the subject of technological innovation can contribute a lot to my research. 

Anyway, I ordered the book straight away on Amazon, I will receive it within a week and I am looking forward to reading it. Expect a more thorough post on this book soon! In the mean time an interview by Forbes of Rebecca Fannin on her book can be found here.


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