Back home with a bag full of interviews

Keeping up with the latest earthquake newsI am back in the Netherlands after a very succesfull time in China. What a great 5 weeks it was! When I look at my extensive business card collection I realise how lucky I am, how many people I actually met, and companies I visited; its almost unreal! Now that I am back it is time to structure and process all the data I have sucked in, and it is a lot:

I have collected around 25 hours of interviews, nearly 5 kilos of booksleafletsreportsanalyses, and a fortune worth of digital reports made by some prominent research companies. Furthermore I have a lot of new Facebook and LinkedIn contacts, around 150 pictures, AND, last but not least, a red Chairman Mao waving alarm clock!


During my time in China I have written several posts on my class blog which fortunately was not blocked:

My experiences in Shenzhen; visiting Tencent and Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park (SHIP).
Who I have met and what I have been doing in Shanghai.

I also had the opportunity to blog for the MObinoDE blog from Gang Lu:

My thoughts on Tencent expanding overseas.
My thoughts on Shanda and Giant Interactive after I visited their headquarters in Shanghai.

Pooring my thoughts on paper ASAP

The last few days I have been busy with e-mailing the last few companies for their Investor Relations ppt’s. I also started writing asap about all the stuff that surprised me the most during my stay in China. I want to put all my thoughts on paper as quick as possible before my memories will become less strong and I forget anything. I am really enjoying working on my thesis and I am looking forward to actually start typing, analysing the data, and drawing some conclusions.

A goodbye in Centro

The night before my flight home I organised a small get together for some of the people I met during my stay in Beijing. It was great to see everybody again and have a beer or two. Some people who were there: Tangos Chan from China Web 2.0 review, Benjamin Joffe from Plus Eight Star and some friends and colleagues, Kaiser Kuo from Ogilvy and Digital Watch, James Loudon from the Economist, Bjorn Lee and Zafka Zhang with friends and colleagues from Hipihi, Frank Yu a casual/mobile games entrepeneur, Yanxing David Ding who works at Oracle, etc. Thank you guys for being there and spreading the word on Twitter. The next meeting is in Amsterdam, you are all invited!

Shaky grounds, even in Beijing

Sina mourningFor now my thoughts go out to all the earthquake victims and everybody that is affected by the disaster. It is good to see that some of the big Chinese portals are showing their respect by switching to black and white. During the earthquake I was in Beijing on the 17th floor interviewing Zafka Zhang from Hipihi. It was a really weird experience, initially we both thought we were getting very dizy, but then I saw people running towards the stairs and we realized it was an earthquake. We only felt the quake for 35 seconds, so it was over before we could even decide what to do. The good thing is that I recorded it all on my voice recorder! Quite funny to hear my reaction:

‘What the ****, do you feel it shaking !!?’


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2 Responses to “Back home with a bag full of interviews”

  1. erik Says:

    welcome back 🙂 Looking forward to your writings 🙂

  2. newmw Says:

    same here, have fun / good luck / etc. in the process!

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