Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and P2P in China

PPStream PPLiveAccording to this wikileaks source the U.S. government and entertainment industry are jointly working on a multi-lateral agreement concerning intellectual property rights. By creating a new global standard for intellectual property rights enforcement they hope to stop the growing use of peer-to-peer (p2p). The so called Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) will turn the facilitation of p2p possibilities without making any profit into an illegal activity. The paragraph on the criminilasation of fileshares is already described as the ‘Pirate Bay killer’.

What would this implicate for China where piracy is still very common and because of it some markets get the chance to flourish? I have spoken to some people about the future of the Chinese Internet and more specifically about what Internet markets in China will most likely catch up or even pass the West. According to some of the people I met international property rights enforcements such as ACTA provide services as PPLive, p2p streaming video network with the largest number of users worldwide, and PPStream with great opportunities. Because of the strict policies in the West they hardly have any competition from overseas. According to Tangos Chan from China Web 2.0 Review,

p2p video streaming in China is already leading in the global market

Foreign companies are already actively looking for Chinese p2p partners in order to use the technology in their home markets.

It is very likely that the upcoming ACTA will give Chinese p2p technologies even more time, space, and opportunity to innovate, develop, and evolve. According to the wikileaks source the proposal also specifies a rather naive plan to encourage developing nations to accept the legal regime. Regarding the current situation of piracy and p2p services in China cooperation by the Chinese government seems rather unlikely.


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