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Tangos Chan on the Chinese Internet (Beijing 05/13/2008)

July 29, 2008

This post contains parts of a 2 hour interview I did with Tangos Chan from China Web2.0 Review. Among others I asked him about his views on the globalization of Chinese Internet companies, the future of the Chinese Internet market, and the role of VCs.

Pieter-Paul Walraven: What are your thoughts on Chinese Internet companies going abroad?

Tangos Chan: Actually most of the Chinese companies will not consider a globalization strategy so far because the Chinese market is huge. So if they can serve this market well they could become very big companies. Look at for example Baidu and Tencent. Of course there is also the language barrier. I think an English language service in the US such as Google is automatically a global service because it serves all the English speaking people. In China companies are bound to be a Chinese service.

So I think there a really 2 kinds of services that will consider to go abroad. Firstly it is the very big companies such as (more…)


Chinese Farmer Builds Airplane

July 2, 2008

I found this remarkable video today: a creative Chinese farmer that has built his own airplane. Prety cool to see how he lifts off from an ordinary road as the people are watching him from the sidewalk. Respect!

It seems that more and more people in the rural areas are getting into private-made tech stuff! Is there a trend coming up of autodidactic farmers in China? Check out this submarine or this story of a guy that has built his very own helicopter! Also farmer Wu Yulu is into home-building; he makes his own robots.