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Silicon Dragon

March 20, 2008

Silicon Dragon coverLast night I was browsing through some older posts of the excellent China Web 2.0 Review blog where I was looking for relevant (old) news on the companies I am following for my research. To my pleasant surprise I found a very interesting book closely related to my Thesis subject.

‘Silicon Dragon’: Why China might dominate the tech world, a book by Rebecca Fannin, international editor of the Hong Kong weekly Asian Venture Capital Journal, is about the upcoming event that China will gradually emerge as the world’s center of innovation, surpassing Silicon Valley for venture capital and new technology. Rebecca has traveled through China to interview entrepreneurs and investors of relevant Chinese startups while constantly asking herself: is this a copier or innovator? In Silicon Dragon 12 Chinese companies are thoroughly described, including Baidu, Alibaba, Dangdang, Oak Pacific, Lingtu, Maxthon, Pingco and others.  (more…)


From made in China to Created in China

March 12, 2008

Eight CranesI had a pleasant flashback the other day about an arts course I have done during my exchange semester at the Hong Kong University . I guess the books that I am currently reading on creativity in China combined with bumping into an old post by fellow student Qilan Zhao must have triggered my mind.

Besides participating in my obligatory courses during my stay in Hong Kong I decided to sign up for an extra course: Arts, Politics and Society in Modern China. Books that I have recently obtained about the development and current state of the creative industries in China, such as Created in China by Michael Keane and China Contemporary made me think of a project I did for this course;  I did an analysis of a painting from a famous Hong Kong painter; Huang Yongyu. Huang Yongyu became famous for his own characteristic style of using traditional Chinese painting techniques in combination with bright, vibrant and fresh colours and the more Western use ink techniques. One of his most famous paintings is ‘The Winking Owl’ which was exhibitioned at the Black Painting Exhibition in March 1974. (more…)

Chinese low-wage workers disloyal for a reason

February 26, 2008

Fast Boat to ChinaI am currently reading a lot for my research and an interesting book I finished today is Fast Boat to China from Andrew Ross. In Fast Boat to China Andrew approaches the global outsourcing trend in a different way than most other writers on this subject (for example Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat). He has taken a surprisingly fresh look by gathering information not only in the countries that are relocating their factories to elsewhere, but mainly from foreign-invested companies based in China. A year long Andrew has interviewed enterprises in Shanghai and the Yangtze Delta. (more…)