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Tangos Chan on the Chinese Internet (Beijing 05/13/2008)

July 29, 2008

This post contains parts of a 2 hour interview I did with Tangos Chan from China Web2.0 Review. Among others I asked him about his views on the globalization of Chinese Internet companies, the future of the Chinese Internet market, and the role of VCs.

Pieter-Paul Walraven: What are your thoughts on Chinese Internet companies going abroad?

Tangos Chan: Actually most of the Chinese companies will not consider a globalization strategy so far because the Chinese market is huge. So if they can serve this market well they could become very big companies. Look at for example Baidu and Tencent. Of course there is also the language barrier. I think an English language service in the US such as Google is automatically a global service because it serves all the English speaking people. In China companies are bound to be a Chinese service.

So I think there a really 2 kinds of services that will consider to go abroad. Firstly it is the very big companies such as (more…)


Problems Accessing WordPress in China!

April 22, 2008

I should have known this before I left to China; WordPress blogs are blocked in here! Luckily somebody adviced me on a way to cope with this issue and it turns out that there are countless services that provide proxy sites to bypass the problem. I am currently able to access my blog by the use of Unfortunately creating links and inserting pictures does not work, but I will find a way!

Because I was not able to access my blog the last weeks I have been writing about my experiences elsewhere.

On my class blog:

But I was also invited by Gang Lu, the owner of the MObinoDE blog to be a guest writer for him. I will continue to occasionally blog for MObinoDE during my trip:

I will copy-paste the postings I did on these blogs later this evening.

A brief update on what I am currently doing:

– Today I had a meeting with Ian McGuinn and Elias Glenn from JL McGregor & Company. Really nice guys and interesting discussion. Also I can make use of there extensive database on some of the companies I am doing research on! So tomorrow after my interview at Giant Interactive I will work at the JL McGregor office!

– After the morning meeting with Ian and Elias I visited Spill Group Asia today. Marc van der Chijs shared some of his insightfull thoughts with me, it was a pleasure and of great help for my thesis to meet him. Furthermore I met with Thijs Bosma who besides showing me around the office also had some helpfull insights to share! Thanks guys!

Will post more soon, I am out to have some excellent Shanghai French Connection road-bbq, did not eat yet and its 22:15?!