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PICNIC Special on Social Gaming

October 4, 2008

Facebook + gamingA PICNIC special that I was particularly interested in on Friday was the Games go Social organized by Ex Machina, an Amsterdam based company that enables social gaming across mobile, web and broadcast. As described in the PICNIC program guide the session was promising: industry leaders, interesting case studies and panel discussions with visionaires were planned to give attenders a deep insight into the future of Social Networking (SN) and gaming.

The special started of with an interesting and clear presentation from Kristian Segerstrale, CEO Playfish, a social games company. Based on deep insights in both the gaming and SN market he was able to express why social gaming is the next logical step for both industries. In order to increase the life cycle of existing SNs such as Facebook and MySpace they have to improve constantly otherwise users will not come back and get bored of the service, social gaming will make the users come back. Kristian argued that the gaming industry is missing out a large piece of the market because there are a lot of emotions that the gaming industry has not tapped in yet, namely (more…)


Facebook vs. Xiaonei + a lot of questions

August 28, 2008

Nicholas Guan did an interisting test on the popularity of Facebook compared to other market leading SNS in Asia. He based the popularity on the amount of times the SNS were searched for in Google. As Nicholas mentions this could possibly result in a less representative outcome since not Google but Baidu is market leader in China.

There are several spikes in the graph of Facebook users in China. Especially at the end of May there seems to be a sudden interest in Facebook. Also at the end of June of this year it seemed that Facebook was catching up fast during that time. It would be interesting to do a more thorough research on this while taking the popularity of the search engines in a country into account.

Furthermore according to the graph Xiaonei is becoming less popular. So according to this graph it would mean that Chinese netizens are losing interest in both SNS Facebook and Xiaonei! Is there another Chinese SNS that is growing in popularity (, QZone?) or is Social Networking in general becoming oldfashioned in China?

I wonder how much these numbers are influenced by the differences in Baidu and Google users. Are Chinese netizens that use Google instead of Baidu different than their Baidu counterparts? A hypothesis could be that  Chinese Google users are more experienced compared to Baidu users, Chinese Googlers use their Internet more for information rather than entertainment? Anyhow, you can find the full Asia SN popularity test here.